Mission Statement

"To improve and promote the economic, aesthetic and cultural vitality of Downtown Corvallis as a regional center."

The Downtown Corvallis Association (DCA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to continued preservation and enhancement of Downtown Corvallis as the heart of the Greater Corvallis community. The DCA works to maintain Downtown as the center of commerce, government, culture and leisure. The Downtown Corvallis Association supports the overall vibrancy of Downtown through business assistance, public advocacy, political involvement, and community events that enhance the Downtown Corvallis experience for residents and visitors. Membership in the Downtown Corvallis Association is voluntary and is open to any business, person, or organization. Current membership reflects a wide variety of retailers, restaurants, property owners, business professionals, and individuals supporting the DCA's mission to maintain the viability of Downtown Corvallis.

The Downtown Corvallis Association is organized to market and promote commercial opportunities and to provide at little or no cost, information about options available to the public concerning the area recognized as Downtown Corvallis as designated by the City Council of the City of Corvallis, State of Oregon. The Downtown Corvallis Association provides assistance to Downtown property and business owners with improvements thereon in developing and maintaining the viability of Downtown for the benefit of the citizens of Corvallis, Benton County OR and the general public.


460 SW Madison Ave Ste 9 Corvallis, OR 97333, USA